About Us

My Goal: to Profile 50 Los Angles Restaurant Owners in 2010

Hi! I’m Virginia Ginsburg! Behind The Food is about the hard-working small business owners and entrepreneurs who own restaurants in Los Angeles. I’m not out to criticize the food – my only goal is to give you the story of the people who put it on the table. Of course, along the way, I might just take a little nibble here or there! Here are the topics that I will always include in my posts:

About Me

I’m a Los Angeles-based small business consultant, and I love to hear the stories of the small business owners who work so hard. I also love restaurants, and since I know how hard they are to operate, I figured it would be a good place to focus on for this year. Here I am with my husband David at a restaurant in Mexico. Most of my reviews will be in Los Angles, since that’s where I live.

Find me here:
Swell Strategies

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