Ready to Go!

My Goal: to Profile 100 Los Angles Restaurant Owners in 2010

OK, I have set up the official magazine for the stories behind the food. This magazine-style blog is about the hard-working people who own the Los Angeles Restaurants that I enjoy. I’m not out to criticize the food – my only goal is to give you the story of the people who put it on the table. Of course, along the way, I might just take a little nibble here or there! Here are the topics that I will always include in my posts:

1. Name of the Restaurant, location, and other stats

2. Name of the owner(s)

3. Number of employees

4. Link to Yelp reviews

5. Insider Clues (where to sit, when to go, whom to take, what to order, etc.)

6. THE STORY: who opened it, what was the dream, how did it get started, what does it take to run? Stuff like that.

I’m going to include snapshots to illustrate each article.

About Me

I’m a Los Angeles-based small business consultant, and I love to hear the stories of the small business owners who work so hard. I also love restaurants, and since I know how hard they are to operate, I figured it would be a good place to focus on for this year. Most of my reviews will be in Los Angeles, since that’s where I live, but I do travel a fair amount, so hopefully you will see some articles from far off places!

Here we are enjoying ourselves in a tiny outdoor restaurant in Ixtapa, Mexico


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